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First, CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We put together a summary of our process so you know what you have to look forward to.  Here’s an overview of our process and what you can expect.

Stage I:  Fun and Formal

Let’s meet!  I, Nicole, can meet in person or over the phone to educate you on your options.  Together we’ll decide what you’re wish list is in your invitation suite.  This will take about 30- 45 minutes.  This is where I get to hear about all of the fun details of your wedding and a bit about you and your fiancé.  I’ll take you through our stock designs, the different printing methods available, the paper options and the vast colors available.

TIP:  Bring anyone to this meeting that you feel you’d like their input on.

Give us up to five days to put together an estimate after our consultation.

You like what you’ve seen?  Let’s start working on your gorgeous invitations!  Before we do, we need to take care of the formal stuff.  The contract needs to be completed before we get to the fun part.  At this point, we also require 50% down payment.

You’re wording.  If you know what you want, great.  If not, we can work with you to come up with the best wording for what you’d like to evoke in your invitations.  You’re setting the stage for you’re guests so they can understand what to expect.  Formal, Modern, Traditional, Somewhere in the middle?

Stage II:  The Fun Part

We’ll start designing.  We’ll put together a timeline for you of when you can expect to see designs and when we need your feedback in order to stay on track.  There will be 3 proofs included in your invitations.

Proof 1:

If you are choosing a stock design you will see your words laid out on the stock design along with any different color ways we talked about in our consultation.  Here you can give us feedback on what you like or don’t like.

If you are choosing to move forward with a custom design, we will submit at least 2 designs for your invitation.  You will give us feedback on the changes you would like to see made and have us move forward with your favorite design.

TIP:  During this proof we highly recommend you review these with your fiancé and parents or anyone else who will have opinions that you want to take into account.  This saves time and money later on, trust us.

Proof 2:

Here you will see the final changes that you requested in the first proof.  If you have a custom design you will see the additional items in your suite.   Sometimes, minor details are missed when you reviewed proof number one.  Custom designs normally have more changes/ requests during this proof 2 stage.  Please make sure all spelling and punctuation is correct in this proof.

TIP:  It’s always good to have someone else review this proof 2 as well to catch any grammatical mistakes.

Proof 3:

Here you will see your final design (YAH!).  Again, it’s best to review spelling and punctuation.  We’ll have you sign/ email this final proof as your approval to print.  If changes need to be made at this point there will be a cost of $100 per hour, this will be broken out into 15 minute incriments depending on the complexity of your changes.  If you’ve already approved the proof and we’ve started the printing process, there are larger costs incurred.

Stage III:  Happy Dance Time

Printing:  We’re making your lovely design come to life!  Before long they’ll be in your hands.  This takes 6-8 weeks depending on the design.  Some rush order requests are available for an added cost.

Final Payment:  We’ll need to get the final payment before your invitations are sent out.

Touching and Feeling: This is what we’ve been waiting for!  We know you’re excited, but we are also so excited to receive the happy feedback from our couples.  Let’s do a happy dance.

We can ship these to you or you can pick them up from us depending on your location.  Shipping costs were not included in your original estimate and vary depending on the weight and delivery location.

Printing Processes and Paper options:

Printing Methods:

Letterpress Printing:  A process where your design is debossed into the paper.  The end result shows an impression of your design in the paper.  This printing process is a labor of love.  Each invitation is run through the printer one at a time.

Hotstamp printing is done to give a very shiny design onto the paper.  The color result of this gives a metal look.

Digital printing:  This prints flat onto the paper or envelope.  This will be used in watercolors and images.

Silkscreen printing:  this places the ink on top of the paper and gives a little big of a raised effect.  This is good for printing light colors on dark papers.

Calligraphy:  An art of penmanship.  We work with some amazing calligraphers.  We can custom design your invitation suite or have your envelopes addressed.

Invitation Paper Options:

Our papers are special papers used to make the best impression into the paper for letterpress printing.  They are 100% cotton and come in bright white, soft white and natural cream colors.  Other papers are available for an additional charge.  Due to the letterpress printing process we are limited in color options.  It becomes more open if you’d like to hotstamp your invitations.  You’d like edge painting or rounded corners?  Those options are also avaialble.

Envelopes Options:

Your invitation suite comes with unprinted invitation and RSVP envelopes that match your paper color.  More colors are available at an additional charge.  With all of our envelopes you have the option of envelope liners.  We love liners- they add so much to an invitation suite.  There’s also inner and outer invite envelopes available if you are planning a formal wedding and would like this option.

There’s so many options!!!  Contact us to set up an appointment to review all of these.  We’re here to answer all your questions and guide you through this process.  We LOVE what we do and want this to be one of the easiest and more fun parts of your wedding planning.